A little revamping and updating happened over here.

Not a major facelift…just a lil botox…

What’s new:

  • The layout, design, color scheme.
  • Old post that I didn’t LOVE were deleted. Whoops. Only about 5 of the OGs remain.

One think I quickly realized, is that this is a process. The biggest changes will be seen over time.  There will still be lots of the same, but more- especially when it comes to content. Be ready for more about attempting to keep up with being a single mom and juggling all the things, more about fashion, and more about fitness/wellness.  Take a look around and let me know what you think in comments below.

What to wear, what to wear

What to wear, what to wear. Detroit Moms Blog Photoshoot Fashion In December of 2016, I saw a post on Detroit Moms Blog about an "open casting call' for new contributors. I thinking, "ahh man, that would be cool!" As I kept scrolling, I made a mental note, that I...

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Stuck in the In-between

Stuck in the In-between Maybe it is because it was just my birthday. Maybe it is because one of my baby cousins got engaged. (Along with my sister, and my other cousin expecting his first baby...) Maybe is because I am always single. Maybe it is because...

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The thing I don’t get asked.

The thing I don't get asked A few years ago at Christmas time,  my mom and I were out shopping, at Kohls to be exact. In the back near the holiday ornaments, we ran into an old family friend. My mom and her exchanged pleasantries, with my mom asking how...

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