Just another Sunday….

Well…actually it’s not. Today is Father’s Day. I have mixed feelings about Father’s Day. It is one of those days, where I wonder if he remembers us. I know through the wonders of the interwebs, and a quick Facebook stalk that he does, in fact, have other kids. Ones that he (in a Facebook world) are actually around. Around enough to put them as his profile picture. (This sounds dumb, I know.)

I  distinctly remember getting a (MySpace) message from the other girl- he doesn’t love you, he doesn’t care about you or the baby, find someone who will. I am sure it took a lot of “guts” to say. I am sure she was hurting.  (Find someone who will…that repeats in my mind often.)

Here’s the think though she knows the baby, my son exist. She knows he has nothing to do with him. No visits, so money, nothing. They are both seemingly ok with that fact.

So, again, it is Father’s Day. This day makes me feel horrible. I feel horrible for my son. He has his grandpa, but is that enough? Is that the same? I don’t know. I don’t know that I do enough to be both parents.

Get Ya Winter Fix.

Get Ya Winter Fix. I haven't been getting quite as many Stitch Fixes lately. I switched my frequency to every 3 months. Nothing to do with the service, more to do with me. I have so many clothes, I need to CLEAN OUT my closet and drawers before I add any...

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Exploring the Great Outdoors…Indoors

My son LOVES going up north with his Grandpa. He explores the woods, rides his four-wheeler, watches for deer and other animals. He just loves every bit of it. Exposing him to all this can be a bit tricky for suburbia on a winter day. We decided to check out the DNR...

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Lucky Number 14?

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I LOVE IT. For a $20 styling fee, a Stitch Fix stylist will select five clothing items for YOU. Items are selected based on your style profile. It ships for free, and you only pay for what you keep. If you keep all five items, you receive...

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