Get Ya Winter Fix.

I haven’t been getting quite as many Stitch Fixes lately. I switched my frequency to every 3 months. Nothing to do with the service, more to do with me. I have so many clothes, I need to CLEAN OUT my closet and drawers before I add any more to the lot. 😛

With that being said, this will be one of the last Stitch Fix reviews I will have for a while. Again…nothing to do with the service! Just need to organize me.

For my 15th (!!!) Fix, I had my same stylist. I mainly asked for longer, tunic-style tops to cover my stomach area. My stylist mentioned they did not have a ton of these style tops in stock right now. Which was kind of a bummer, but I still received some excellent pieces.


First up- Papermoon Endicor Split Neck Top I really liked the picture of this top. I loved the plaid detail on the top and sleeves. This material was strange…it reminded me a felt, like the stuff you use for craft projects. It was a bit short on me as well.


Verdict: Returned.

Next Papermoon Kennah Woven Knit Top, to start I love this color. It is rich, but not too much. The material was similar to that of the first Papermoon top, (listed above), but just slightly softer. I love the pop of floral on the neck and the back. The back is mixed material matching the floral detail on the front. This can be worn a bit dressier, or more casual…depending on what you pair it with.


Verdict: KEPT! (I’ve already worn this, and received tons of compliments!)

Third, we have the Skies Are Blue Talisa Tie Waist– I was super excited about this one. YAY for the longer, tunic-style I requested. BUT. It’s Skies Are Blue…and for some reason, this brand DOES NOT FIT me correctly.




Verdict: Returned.

Next, we have the Liverpool Antia Skinny Pant in Navy. These are AMAZING. I LOVE the fabric, left like butter. Like LuLaRoe leggings in the form of pants. I didn’t notice they were navy at first, but I like the slightly different color, to switch up from my “normal” black Old Navy Pixie Pants. Love, love, love. <3



Verdict: KEPT

*Update- I wore and washed these once, and there are holes around the back pockets. I contacted Stitch Fix, and they can refund me and said to donate or whatever I chose with them. Their customer service is BEYOND. If I have ever had an issue, they are prompt to reply and “fix” the problem.*

Last, but not least, Coin 1804 Ganiela Textured Open Cardigan. This is a great neutral color, that you can layer with many pieces and colors. It is soft, but with some structure to the fabric…if that makes sense. It is generously fitted, I really should have sized down, but that’s okay. It is a longer cardigan that covers your bottom. Downside- it is the dreaded dryer clean only. (boo…hiss.)


Verdict: KEPT and LOVE!

So, if you are keeping track, I kept three of the five items sent to me. Items returned were returned due to fit issues only. My total was a bit higher for this fix, I rationalized as a Christmas present for myself. (Did I mention, I am cutting back on fixes?)  Because I did not keep all five items, I did not qualify for the 25% discount. (Sad face!)

If you are interested in checking out Stitch Fix for yourself, please consider using my link! 

What pieces do you like? What would you have kept or returned? Comment below!

<3 Allyson

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