My son LOVES going up north with his Grandpa. He explores the woods, rides his four-wheeler, watches for deer and other animals. He just loves every bit of it. Exposing him to all this can be a bit tricky for suburbia on a winter day. We decided to check out the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit.

Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for children. I used the Michigan Activity Pass through our library, and only paid for myself. 🙂 Additional information about hours and admission can be found here. *Side-note: if you haven’t used the Michigan Activity Pass yet, you have to check it out!*

The DNR Outdoor Adventure Center brings the great outdoors from “up north” to Detroit. You are greeted by a majestic elk and some Michigan history. Including the history of the Detroit River, the cargo ships, and even Boblo Island. This section also profiled some famous people in Michigans history, such as Henry Ford, and Madame Marie Cadillac.

From there you can enter more into the Great Outdoors! On the main floor, you can view the aquarium, kayak via a virtual simulation, experience the sand dunes, waterfalls and more. There is an ample play space, kids can climb up the inside of the tree to reach the second floor.

The second floor takes you up to the tree tops, including a swinging bridge you can walk across, overlooking the first floor. (My son loved this, it freaked me out. No, thanks!) There is a decent section about hunting and Smokey the Bear! My son loved the opportunity to use the snowmobile and four-wheeler simulations.

The third floor is an “eagle nest” that overlooks the center. I, sadly, did not get any pictures there.

You can bring snacks or lunches to the center, but may only have them in the cafeteria. There is a small gift shop as well.

In all, we spent about an hour and a half at the center. It is very close to Belle Isle, which would be fun to explore in the warmer weather!

Have you gone to DNR Outdoor Adventure Center before? What were your thoughts?

<3 Allyson

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