Lucky Number 14?

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I LOVE IT.

For a $20 styling fee, a Stitch Fix stylist will select five clothing items for YOU. Items are selected based on your style profile. It ships for free, and you only pay for what you keep. If you keep all five items, you receive a 25% discount. Something didn’t work? Return for free in the postal paid envelope that is included in every shipment.

As a busy mom, with a little boy that hates any “mommy clothes store, ” Stich Fix has been such a style, life changer. I get new clothes and more fashionable outfits than I would ever pick for myself.

This is my 14th fix! In my stylist notes, I asked for wear to work styles, that I can layer and a cute cardigan. I am always *MELTING* during the workday. I move from room to room, lugging a ton of materials- so clothes must be durable.

Now due to a lack of mirror to take a “selfie” in, I don’t have real life images to share- so these will have to do!

First up- the Octavia, Amare Plaid Oblong Scarf. This is lightweight but big in size. I am not super talented when it comes to “wearing” scarves. (That’s a talent, right? I can never seem to get them right!)

Verdict- KEPT.

Item two-Brixon Ivy Mange Mixed Media Crochet Back Knit Top. If nothing else, this one has a long name! It is a perfect mix of casual and “dress up.” The picture does not do the color justice. It is a beautiful wine color. The back is flowy, sheer with lace, just layer a cami underneath, and you are ready to go.



Next- RD Style Kalah Sweater Dress– ok, this white. Pure white. I spill things. I thought I had white checked off, as a no way color in my profile…but alas I did not. I also am so not a sweater dress person. With that being said, when I saw this- I was not impressed. My stylist knew that I would feel this way- and even mentioned in her note that this might be a step out of my comfort zone, (ding, ding!). With all that being said, I tried it on…over jeans, so it looked slightly lumpy! You guys, it felt like wearing a marshmallow, in the most amazing way. My stylist said to pair with leggings, tights, and the Octavia scarf.


Verdict- KEPT this marshmallow piece of goodness.

#4 Emily Rose Aleesha Open Stitch Detail Pullover this is a beautiful olive green. It is just slightly big on me, almost tunic length…which I love. It is a slightly open knit throughout, but primarily at the top where you can see the detail. A coworker had something similar the other day that I loved…I didn’t even have this style pinned-my stylist read my mind! 🙂 openstitch

Verdict- KEPT.

And last but not least- Absolutely Leona Cardigan– the cardigan I mentioned in the note to my stylist! This looks like a heavier sweater, but it is lightweight. I love that is just slightly longer, not full tunic length, but close. I was most excited that the style card, showing how to wear the pieces, paired it with a blouse I received in another fix. A mix I never would have put together.


Verdict- KEPT…duh. 🙂

If you weren’t keeping track, this was a 5 for 5! Meaning I received a 25% discount, with sales tax (I’m in MI, each state is different), I was hovering around$200 for all pieces.

Do you have any of these pieces? What did you think of this fix? I would love to hear, (well…read), your comments below!

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